Security Packaging

Mercury Packaging offers a comprehensive range of High and Low Security products.  These include tamper-resistant and tamper-evident “Safe & Secure” closures and security printing to prevent unauthorised access and to preserve the integrity of the bag’s contents.  High-strength, “Safe & Secure” Police evidence pouches for the collection, secure sealing and documentation of items of evidence collected at the Scene of Crime. Fully in accordance with CJA requirements.

We provide bespoke solutions for the secure packaging and identification of Prisoners' Property, drugs and CCTV evidence on DVD or cassette.

We are proficient in high resolution bar coding and numbering for track and trace capability and high-strength "Safe & Secure" packaging for the secure collection and protection in transit of bank notes, cash and valuable items for Security, Retail and Banking services.

We are approved for security purposes by leading independent European authorities and our products are in use with forces and forensic science laboratories both in the UK and overseas.

Stock ranges of denominational bulk coin bags with special “Safe & Secure” closures.  Multi-denominational coin bags are available from stock, as are bank note wrapper products with “Safe & Secure” closures.

Mercury offers well proven tamper-resistant, tamper-evident “Safe & Secure” closures to prevent unauthorised access throughout the chain of custody. High resolution bar coding and numbering for track and trace capability provided with all current bar code symbologies are available.  RFID tracking options are also available.  Products are proven in effective usage with CIT operators both in the UK and overseas.

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